Before and After Writing Time

In the mornings I get dressed. I make breakfast for my three little ones, make coffee, pack lunches, brush hair, take a sip of my coffee, sign reading folders, and get the kids to school. Then I come home. I warm up my still-full mug, and sit down to work.


Soon my littlest is home for lunch, the dryer buzzes, the stack of dirty dishes threatens to topple, and there is dinner to be made. My two oldest burst through the door with stories and papers and energy they’ve been waiting to release all day. My piano students arrive, then bedtime stories and snuggles, more students, dishes, laundry…

Then this:


The gentle sunlight is gone. My organized papers are buried beneath a blank grocery list. I have to fight for space with a fairy princess picture. And a talking sword. And, thank goodness, Judith Viorst and Arnold Lobel.

Round two.


The Night Before School

In our house, the night before school ranks with Santa and the Easter Bunny. There is less magic, perhaps, but at bedtime a book appears, wrapped in bright paper and tucked under freshly-washed sheets, waiting to soothe the night-before nerves.


That’s magic enough for me.